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With many years in holster business, our portfolio grew up and today we offer wide range of leather and nylon holsters for Walther pistols. We are working hard to satisfy your holster needs and we are offering new innovative models of Walther holsters based on years of experience in professional, duty or regular concealment gun wearing.

About Walther firearms

Carl Wilhelm Freund Walther opened a firearms workshop in the fall of 1886 in Zella –Mehlis, Germany. The company manufactured hunting and sporting rifles until 1900. In 1908 Walther launched his first pistol in 6.35mm(.25 ACP) caliber simply called the Model 1. Model 2 to Model 5 followed in the years up to 1915. The First World War resulted in a lot of activity within the company. After the war, Walther switched to the manufacture of shotguns and small caliber rifles. Around 1924 Walther started producing calculating and sorting machines. In the periods between the World Wars, as well as manufacturing excellent sporting weapons, the Walther concern also manufactured military equipment, one example being the Bergmann MP34/1 machine pistol. During the Second World War, Walther was called on the help with in war effort. The surrender of the German army in 1945 meant the end of the Walther factory.

In 1953 there was built a new factory complex in Ulm but the Economic problems forced the family to sell the company to the Umarex concern in 1993. The origins of Umarex are in fact intertwined with the history or Walther. In 1937 Walther Reim, one of the Walther works-managers initially developed the Perfecta alarm pistol, this led to the formation of Mayer&Riem in Arnsberg in 1953. In 1972 this company was turned into the Umarex concern.

Holsters for Walther pistols

We have prepared selection of our best selling Walther holsters, please choose your Walther gun model on left side to see our best holster reccomendation of Walther belt holsters, Iwb concealment holsters, shoulder holsters as well as concealment shoulder bags for Walther pistols. Available models are: Walther P1, P8, P22, P88, P99, PK380, PP, PPS and Walther PPK.

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Belt Walther Holsters

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  • Each Holster Is Custom Made
    Specially For Selected Gun Model
  • Holsters Hand Made In European
    Union Under Strict Quality Control
  • Safe Shopping - Encrypted Data
    Transfers & 3D Security To Protect
    Your Personal Data
  • Certified By European SGS ISO
    9001:2000 Certification Of Quality
  • More Than a Hundered Of Holster
    Designs For Hundereds Of Gun
  • Limited 5 Years Warranty Will
    Cover You For a Long Time

Concealment shoulder Bags and fanny packs for Walther

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