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Walther PPS Holsters: With many years in holster business, our portfolio grew up and today we can offer wide range of leather and cordura holsters for Walther PPS based on years of experience in professional and regular concealment gun wearing. Take a look at our best selling Walther PPS holsters below:

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  • Each Holster Is Custom Made
    Specially For Selected Gun Model
  • Holsters Hand Made In European
    Union Under Strict Quality Control
  • Safe Shopping - Encrypted Data
    Transfers & 3D Security To Protect
    Your Personal Data
  • Certified By SGS ISO 9001:2000
    Certification Of Quality
  • More Than a Hundered Of Holster
    Designs For Hundereds Of Gun
  • Limited 5 Years Warranty Will
    Cover You For a Long Time

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About Walther PPS Holsters

The Walther PPS name stands for Polizei Pistole Schmal/ Police Pistol Slim. It was publicly shown during the IWA 2007 exhibition in Germany. It was developed for conceal carry use of law enforcement and civilians. It represents more powerful replacement for a respectable Walther PPK pistol. Walther PPS is a short-recoil operated pistol, which uses an upgraded version of a Browning type locking system with folding barrel and double-action trigger system. The design of the pistol is based on the proven of the Walther P99 and the PPK. The frame of the pistol is made of impact-resistant polymer, identical to the Walther PP. Slides and the barrels are similar to the PPK's. Due to its single-stack magazine, the PPS is just 0.9 inches wide. The PPKS is manufactured in .32 ACP caliber with a magazine capacity of 8 rounds and in .380 ACP caliber of 7 rounds. The model PPS has a total length of 6 ¼ inches and the barrel length is 3 ¼ inches. A typical feature of the PPS is a highly developed safety system represented by a trigger safety guard, QuickSafe feature and firing pin block safety. The trigger guard uses a de-cocking striker system; this patented system called as QuickSafe. This system requires a manual de-cocking; by partial slide retraction, in the case of a misfire. Additional safety is assured with removable grip backstrap. When back strap is removed, pin block is de-cocked and pistol is blocked. The PPS pistols are manufactured in Germany and are imported to the U. S via an exclusive contract with Smith and Wesson Firearms. The PPS pistols are made also in Poland by Fabryka Broni Radom.

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